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I am a GoETrainer and love Modern Energy. I firmly believe that Modern Energy is the key to a better world, better health, better quality of life and a better life on all levels. If anything would be possible, what would you wish for? If you're looking for solutions, could you allow them to be easy? What ever it is you are here for, I invite you to the lightness of Modern Energy. I am ready tojoin you to discover your unlimited possibilities with Modern Energy, with SuperMind, StarMatrix, EMO and much more.

It is my mission to help children and adults, to discover their potential, to create the abilities for healing they need and to make them trust this power of Love and creativity within them.

Since years I work in healing and personal development of children and adults, in form of personal treatments by skype, workshops, courses, retreats and trainings. I am the creator of SOQUAKI, a game for young people based on Storytelling, Symbols, Metaphors and Modern Energy. 

In my experience the state of being playful, brings lightness to any problem and provides a kind of speed learning, wich is needet in order to rewrite old patterns.

Since more than 17 years  I am helping people to figure out, what needs to be evolved and what is the best way to do so. In 1 to 1 sessions by Skype/Zoom/ Streamyard, I lead them to the next level. It will be playful and easy, fun and deep, warm, loveing, if people allow it t be like this.

Are you looking for Sessions or trainings?... Just contact me.

 I am delighted to train you in personalaized/custom made course - a course just for you, in your own rythm. You dont have to wait, any GoE course is going to be 100% adapted to your needs, speed, wants and wishes, just contact me and we will figure out, what is the best way for you.


GoE Trainer 

StarMatrix Master

SuperMind Master

Master of Project Sanctuary

Energy EFT Master Practitioner

EMO Practitioner

Genius Symbol Reader

ModernEnergy Tapping Pro

Modern Stressmanagement Pro

Modern Energy Healer

Modern Energy Coach


Ilka Wandel
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