SuperMind Master mit Ilka Wandel

Online | 03.02.2023 - 05.02.2023


Allow your self more lightness and love in your Life.... 

… and come with me into your own inner world where you connect with your infinite potential, power and creativity. You don't even know how powerful you are and what you are able to do and to archieve! Your soul is wise and knows the way..  


We don't just live to work, eat and sleep... we are a creative expression of ourselves. We are powerful and amazing creators, we unite love and logic as soon as we connect with our Energy Mind and our soul. Your soul knows the truth and can lead you to superiour wisdom and clarity. SuperMind is the tool that allows you to learn how to communicate in a structured way with your Enenrgy Mind and your Soul,in order to regain access to your own treasures of your soul , your infinite potential, your sacred power, creativity, love and Logic. 

Silvia Hartmanns SuperMind tecnique teaches you how to get in communication with all that is and translate the information and data ,that is hidden for the conscious mind. 

For me, SuperMind is the language of the soul, with which you get access to all energetic data, to everything that is or was, and maybe will be. 

I am very exited about the upcoming SuperMind Masters course, because I will try something NEW. We will celebrate first a three days seminar for learning the tecnique and all the skills. After this three days seminar, you are invited to the SuperMind Mastergroup, where we will go on training and learning and practicing in a group for 6 Weeks, just exploring and talking about our experiences. Livestreams will round it up and of corse a little online Party. 


Price: 1200,.Euros by person 

Date : 3 to 5th feb. 2023 

Where: online /Skype/Zoom /Streamyard 

Contact: 0049 (0)151 59 12 182